July 20, 2024

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RYA Sailing Course – How People Can Start Sailing Better

RYA Sailing Course – How People Can Start Sailing Better

An RYA Sailing Course is very useful for people who want to get better at sailing, because it really helps you take it to the next level instead of just being a novice sailor. The course’s full name is the RYA National Sailing Scheme and has 4 Youth Stages for Teenagers and Children and 2 Adult Stages as well as 6 Advanced Modules.

RYA Adult Courses

For Adults the RYA has Sailing Level 1 and sailing Level 2. Sailing Level 1 is a basic introduction to the sport and Level 2 builds upon the foundations of Level 1 and makes the sailor proficient to sail without an instructor.

RYA Level 1 includes basic orientation of the boat and how to tack and gybe as well as sailing along a straight course. RYA Level 2 is rigging the boat, capsize drills and safety on the boat. Some people don’t do Level 1 and go straight on to Level 2, but most will do an integrated course of both and end up with RYA Level 2.

Having this qualification can help your CV, your UCAS form or employment prospects. It is a great thing to have and you will really shine out by having it from one of the most prestigious sailing organizations in the world.

RYA Children’s Courses

The RYA method taught in the adult courses as Level 1 and Level 2 is split into 3 Youth Stages, with 1 Youth Stage introducing 2 person sailing. The reason for this is that children have a shorter attention span and like to see achievement faster than adults do (so more certificates, more often).

Stage 1 is about learning the Sailing Terminology and steering the boat. Stage 2 is about tacking and controlling boat speed. Stage 3 is like RYA Level 2 and includes capsize drill and safety. Stage 4 is about sailing with a helm and a crew.

The RYA Sailing Course is great for people who want to improve their sailing and get a great qualification along the way and I highly recommend it.