June 14, 2024

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Prince Harry’s travel company lands huge deal with Google

A tech company launched by Prince Harry just three years ago has landed the Duke of Sussex with a huge Google deal.

Harry’s sustainable travel company Travalyst has joined forces with Google to raise awareness of and to promote sustainable travel.

Launched in 2019, the not-for-profit charity helps users figure out emissions data for flights they want to go on.

The new partnership will also bring together TripAdvisor, Booking.com, Ctrip, Skyscanner, and Visa, alongside Prince Harry’s company to help reduce carbon emissions using Google Flight searches.

Harry has not yet spoken of the news, although the Daily Star has reached out for comment.

Travalyst CEO Sally Davey said: “The Travalyst Coalition strives to leverage its collective reach and help drive mass adoption of sustainability standards.

Prince Harry started the company in 2019
Prince Harry started the company in 2019

“We’re excited to continue this endeavour with Google as a member of the coalition, delivering on this unique opportunity to build positive, transformative change in travel.

“The Google travel team has committed globally to helping consumers make more sustainable travel choices, and their approach aligns strongly with Travalyst’s collaboration principles

“By delivering clear and consistent tools for collecting and reporting airline data, we are helping travellers and the industry to make more informed — and lower-emitting — air travel choices.

“It is hugely significant that our partners have reached an agreement on this framework and will be using the same data across all of their platforms”.

Back in September, when phase one of the partnership was announced, Google’s vice president of travel products, Richard Holden explained how the system works.

The partnership has been in the works for a while
The partnership has been in the works for a while

He said: “When you search for hotels on Google, you’ll see information about their sustainability efforts.

“Hotels that are certified for meeting high standards of sustainability from certain independent organizations, like Green Key or EarthCheck, will have an eco-certified badge next to their name.”

The news of Prince Harry’s new deal went down well on social media.

Twitter user Miranda Gousley wrote: “Once again, Harry shows us how it’s done.

The news of Harry's new deal has gone down well with his fans
The news of Harry’s new deal has gone down well with his fans

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“What a brilliant achievement for Travalyst.”

And blog Harry and Meghan Daily tweeted: “Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex is working with Google via Travalyst.

“It seems like the big companies/corporations want to work/associate with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

“No wonder the constant meltdowns for their deals.”