May 21, 2024

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Opportunities arising within the travel, tourism, hospitality industries

According to the Increased Lansing Conference and Readers Bureau (GLCVB), 2021 finished with a hotel occupancy fee of 49%, improved than the 2020 charge of 40%, but continue to far off speed from the region’s optimum occupancy of 65% recorded in 2019. And the region’s lodge regular day-to-day rate also ongoing to rebound ending 2021 at $92.59 as opposed to $82.28 in 2020.


And we know and comprehend why these industries were hit the toughest by the pandemic. They rely on journey, tourism and in-individual conferences to maintain employment. Lots of leaders in the marketplace, both of those in Michigan and all through the state, are making lodging and meeting the requirements of the workforce, this kind of as wage changes, job sharing and element time options accessible to fulfill the escalating requirements of the sector.