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Mumbai Street Food Tour

Food, the greatest common passion of the Indians, uniquely unites this diverse race. Our metro is an exciting mix of cultures and cuisines and offers gourmets a rich selection of food. However, with the best blend of heritage, Mumbai will come out on top when it comes to excellent street food. Here is a guide to the Mumbai street food tour and the best street food in Mumbai.

Pav Badji in Sardar:

This fantastic food stall is just a five-minute drive from Mumbai Local Central Station. Sardara Refreshment has a long history of making delicious pav bhaji. The stall is hidden between several white partitions, and if you ask anyone, you will be taken to the stall. After visiting the grocery stall, a few minutes later you will reach two metal plates of curry masala topped with thick vegetables and a lump of butter with two fluffy buns that are so well-greased that the whole bun is yellow. 

Kebab at Sarvi:

Muhammad Ali Road is the most famous street where kebabs are served. Yeast dough shashlik Smoked shashlik on smoked stalls is delicious. You won’t have them when you are in Mumbai. Beef kebab is a must for any gourmet. If you like spicy kebab, then you can try it here. It has existed in the city for about 90 years, has no damage, billboards, looks burnt out and prepares the most delicious and tender beef kebab in the whole city. Crispy and smoked on the outside, it melts on the inside as soon as it is placed in the mouth along with mint chutney and salsa. This is a delicious dish not to be missed by meat lovers.

Vada Pav At Anand:

This is a snack for everyone. Chopped potatoes, garlic and coriander, are covered with a gram of flour, fried until golden brown, then placed in a “puff” served with white butter and a coriander chimney. This dish is the most famous in India; everyone has tried it, both young and old businessmen. In front of Anand’s booth, you’ll always see the crowd selling the city’s best expiration date.

Pani Puri At Elco Pani Puri Centre:

 Pan Puri are basically small, hard, hollow balls made from wheat flour that are tossed into the mouth individually as one piece. Every loaf the size of your mouth that you eat in one go. This delicious water frying pan is made with tamarind extract and mint and coriander leaves. Even a little black salt is added to the water. Depending on how much spices added you can get, the pan will turn out sweet or spicy. Bread storage also varies from region to region. In the north, small pieces of mashed potatoes are added, and in the western area, hot peppers stuffed with mashed potatoes are preferred.

Sev puri

Sev Puri is one of the most delicious street food and snacks in Mumbai. No matter the time of year or the weather, you will always find it from street vendors. You can also find this dish on the menus of five-star hotels and restaurants. Sev Puri is a crispy bread topped with cubes of boiled potatoes, chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander, three types of chutneys, and lemon, then sprinkled with Sev.


This is yet another street food in Mumbai and is crispy and sweet and sour. It is a mixture of puffed rice, chopped onions, and tomato and tamarind chutney. It tastes delicious, and you must enjoy it to get the most out of your walk on the beach. Crispy puffed rice, crunchy sev hot tamarind sauce, when eaten with chopped onions, potatoes, coriander, and sometimes tones of poppy and lemon, turns into a heavenly variety known as bhelpuri. Buy videos and photos at Chowpati Beach in Mumbai, which is more popular with chacha and fast food lovers, especially bhelpuri.

Mong Daal Bhajiya

 Bhajiya is another name for Pakora. And of all types of Pakora or bhajiya, Mung Daal Bhajiya is the most fantastic thing. This bhaji is made from Mung Daal. This is a type of heart rate that is easy to buy at grocery stores. It is soaked in water overnight and then crushed. Some spices include chopped green chili, coriander, ginger, and more. Add pasta and serve deep-fried with a hammer.

Ragda Pattice

Ragda pattice is also called chaat in other parts of India. This is fast food and regular street food from Mumbai.


Mumbai street food consists of a variety of dos, which are pancakes made from dough or rice and lentils. They are often full of a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian remedies. Idlis are steamed muffins made from a similar dough that is left to ferment so that the final product becomes soft and fluffy. There is also an extraordinary Masala Dosa variety, which is a crepe filled with a mixture of mashed potatoes. This delicacy is eaten for breakfast and is a staple food in Tamil Nadu.


No dish is complete without delicious desserts. Mumbai is known for its cocktails, juices, and refreshing Falooda. This is the perfect ending for those with a sweet tooth. This perfectly chilled glass of heavenly blend is the perfect addition to warm tropical weather.


Samosa is among the famous street food and can be found almost everywhere, but it is different. This is a deep-fried dough stuffed with potatoes, peas, and vegetables and served with pudding or tomato paste. It is usually consumed with tea.

 The city is also a transport hub for airlines flying from South Asia to Europe and vice versa. The recently opened airport is convenient for travel. It is home to the popular airline Cathay Pacific, which offers flight services to Mumbai. It’s a good idea to plan your trip ahead of time to avoid inconsistencies.


You can taste street food at some of the best-hidden places in Mumbai. You have the opportunity to taste/eat many different vegetarian / Jain dishes that you will remember as your Mumba street food tour, and you will want to keep it forever. Come and experience Mumbai through this tasty street food. It’s time to have some fun in Mumbai, with history, art, lifestyle, and most importantly the best for all