February 27, 2024

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In Bonaire, Vacation Villas on the Island’s Leeward Side Offer an Enjoyable Vacation Experience

The leeward side of Bonaire Island is the picture of tropical paradise. The Bonaire vacation villas located in this mostly secluded area open up to blue green waters that caress the white sandy shores with a soft crash; the wind that reaches this area is calm and refreshing.

Vacationers can bask in sunny skies and fair weather the moment they step out of their Dutch-Caribbean style villa. If their resort or beach club provides the service, the visitors can make the most out of their stay by having their meals by the beach. Nothing can be more relaxing, not to mention romantic, than a candlelit dinner set on the shore just after sunset.

The entire coastline surrounding Bonaire has been declared a marine sanctuary, preserving its diverse aquatic life. This, among others, has made the island a popular diving destination. For recreational diving and shore snorkeling enthusiasts, Bonaire vacation villas strategically located for easy access to the island’s popular diving spots are the best choice for their stay above ground.

The leeward side of Bonaire provides direct access to two excellent dive sites. Just fifty yards out rests “Our Confidence,” the wreck of a Danish fishing ship that sunk in 2003. Lying only 55 inches deep in the ocean, even snorkelers can get a good view of this ship as they swim by the area. Another dive site, called Something Special, starts out as a seabed of rubble that has become a haven for an incredible variety of fish. Further out lies a colorful coral reef which adventurous vacationers are sure to enjoy.