November 30, 2022

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Google reveals Canadians’ most searched travel destinations

Google Canada has disclosed the country’s leading searched places for vacation, both of those internationally and domestically.

The pandemic has acted as an anchor for men and women who are made use of to travelling routinely, but with limitations lifting, interest in journey is rising.

“As vaccine uptake proceeds to increase across the nation, and federal government journey constraints for fully vaccinated Canadians begin to loosen, many Canadians are heading to Google to start preparing their very long-awaited vacations,” mentioned the statement from Google Canada.

So, where do Canadians want to go most?

When it arrives to intercontinental travel, BC and Ontario have their sights established on the United states of america. For Alberta, lookups for getaways in Mexico came out on top. Unsurprisingly, Quebecers were most fascinated in travelling to France.

The information does not expose the mechanisms of vacation people would be taking on their journeys, but a vacation across the border by way of land could appear to be safer to some than having a flight.

Here’s how the prime 10 breaks down for intercontinental vacation queries in BC:


Google Trends



Google Traits



Google Trends


Google Travel

Google Traits

Google also stated the prime searched spots nationally, each for international and domestic journey.



Google Tendencies



Google Traits

The knowledge also exposed the most pertinent queries individuals had when it arrived to travelling domestically.

Issues like, “Who can journey to Canada?” and “What is regarded vital travel?”

According to the knowledge from Google, interest in travel primarily based on look for trends hasn’t been this substantial since 2004.

“We’re viewing far more searches in Canada for journey-connected location info — like journey constraints by nation and where by to vacation, which the two recently hit all-time highs.”