May 26, 2024

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Dear Abby: She wants to travel abroad, but her boyfriend is sending her on a guilt trip

Expensive ABBY: My boyfriend is 60 and has an autoimmune sickness. He’s dependent on oxygen and suffers a wonderful deal. He can travel, walk and care for himself, even though I guide in his care very a little bit.

I was invited to consider a excursion with my daughter and my sisters to London up coming month for a week. He doesn’t want me to go and will not say why, other than he’s discouraged due to the fact he just can’t vacation abroad. (He would never ever want to go on a girls trip to London.) He essentially informed me, “If you genuinely loved me, you would not go.” I responded, “If you really liked ME, you would be joyful for me to go with my relatives and love the journey for a 7 days.”

I cook and clean up for him every single working day. I am the breadwinner and spend for everything. I handle him like a king. What need to I do? — Yearning FOR Travel

Dear Craving: You do a lot for your boyfriend. He is attempting to guilt you into not heading. With the load you have been carrying, you are entitled to a break. Make certain that a friend or family member of his can maintain an eye on him in your absence. Then disregard his reviews and go on that vacation. Make sure you!

Pricey ABBY: I have a expensive previous friend whose corporation I appreciate. She is one particular of all those elegant females who wears a good deal of fragrance. I have a hunch she bathes in it, utilizes a lotion upcoming, then sprays it all about. You can scent her coming from 10 ft absent. She may well not know it, but anyone notices it.

How I can tell her without her emotions currently being damage is the problem. I’ve thought of pretending I’m allergic by owning a sneezing suit when I’m close to her. I value her friendship, which is why I’ve retained my mouth shut. Any assistance? — Fragrance OVERLOADED Close friend

Dear Perfume: This could look like heresy, but there are moments when a tiny white lie is kinder than the real truth. Numerous men and women DO have allergic reactions to scents, which can carry on complications and occasionally assaults of nausea. My longtime private coach at the time instructed me that when people today operate out in the fitness center, the smell of their system lotion, fragrance, etcetera. could bring on a migraine.

I do not consider it would be a cardinal sin to convey to your friend you have developed a “reaction” to synthetic scents and question her to refrain from applying them when she’s likely to be with you. Either that, or see her only outdoors.

Expensive ABBY: My oldest daughter is acquiring married and has requested my previous father-in-legislation to stroll her down the aisle. I have been there for her her total everyday living. My spouse and I have been divorced in the course of her senior year of significant college. Should really I go, remain at dwelling, sit on the groom’s side of the aisle or a little something else? — FATHER OF THE BRIDE

Pricey FATHER: Have you been invited to this wedding ceremony? If the respond to is yes, communicate to your daughter and ask her what she programs to do about the seating arrangements. Just take your cue from what she tells you. You really should not be seated on the groom’s aspect of the aisle. As the father of the bride you ought to be with the bride’s family, and preferably, you and your ex-spouse should bury the hatchet if only for one day.

Dear Abby is prepared by Abigail Van Buren, also recognised as Jeanne Phillips, and was launched by her mother, Pauline Phillips. Get in touch with Dear Abby at or P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069.