July 20, 2024

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Corporate Event Limousines

Corporate Event Limousines

A stretch limousine is a great way to seal that all important deal or wow potential clients at a corporate event. This is particularly true of limo hire London and limo hire Surrey where corporate events are very common. Black seems to be the colour of choice for a corporate event and for a small party the presidential black stretch Lincoln Town Car is the most popular limousine. For larger parties either the black Audi Q7 limousine or black Hummer H2 limo is quite often chosen to represent the business.

Limos are a statement of wealth and prestige and allow potential clients and very important persons to ascertain whether their business is right for a particular company. With the added extra of free bubbly/champagne included in the hire this could be a further incentive for the client to put his/her business with the company. Corporate events involving limousines include trips to lavish hotels and restaurants, airport transfers, race day meetings, football matches and many more. In fact anything that impresses a potential client or business partner is worthwhile.

Corporate events in Limos can also be used for the actual employees, hired by the company director as a way to say thank you for all their hard work throughout the year. It may be for the office Christmas party or for the top performers in the company. Whatever the reason, a limousine is a great way to show appreciation to the staff of the company and to keep their loyalty.

The type of limousine chosen for corporate events is very important in creating the right impression and atmosphere. Themed limousines such as the fire engine limousine or the Party Bus limousine are not really appropriate for corporate events and are rarely if ever used. As previously mentioned the most popular limousine for corporate events has to be the traditional Lincoln Town Car limousine, usually in black. More recently the Chrysler C300 Baby Bentley limousine has become a very popular choice for corporate events. This is undoubtedly because of the Baby Bentley Chrysler C300’s resemblance to a Bentley road car and therefore will give off an air of class, style and elegance. These limousines typically seat up to 8 people so for larger parties a 4×4 limousine will be needed. The Hummer H2 limousine, Jeep Excursion limousine or Lincoln Navigator limousine are the stretched cars of choice for corporate events probably more so than the Range Rover 4×4 limousine or Porsche Cayenne limousines as they tend to be a bit more conservative.

The colour of the limousine chosen for a corporate event is also very important in sealing that deal. Something garish or too bright such as red or orange is not really appropriate and is likely to put client off. So neutral colours such as black or white are the most popular choices with silver a close second.

If the above rules are adhered to then your corporate event or office party will be a major success, deals will be sealed and your staff will love you.