July 20, 2024

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Bands never played Warped Tour | Artists who skipped Warped

bands that never played warped tour him the veronicas system of a down tokio hotel
[Photos via HIM/Spotify, The Veronicas/Spotify, System Of A Down/Spotify, Tokio Hotel/Spotify]

There’s no denying that for 25 years, Warped Tour was a significant rite of passage for alternative bands. Especially during the 2000s, the festival brought us performances by just about every group we knew and loved.

“Just about” is a rather significant caveat, though. While the vast majority of active scene artists made a Warped appearance at least once in their tenure, there were a handful who never signed on.

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Read on for 10 bands you won’t believe never performed on Warped Tour.

twenty one pilots

twenty one pilots are the pinnacle of alternative eclecticism, exemplifying a good bit of everything the Warped Tour scene had to offer. Therefore, it’s extremely surprising that this popular outfit never got involved with the festival. It’s not like they didn’t have a decade of opportunity following their debut in 2009.


Rest assured, Kevin Lyman did manage to get his hands on Slipknot… For Mayhem Festival. It’s fitting, we know. But our hearts still break for all the obsessed scene kids who never got to see them on the Warped main stage, sandwiched between much lighter acts. Because, really, what do metal fans like more than bands who aren’t metal?

Panic! At The Disco

Panic! At The Disco skyrocketed alongside other icons such as Paramore and Fall Out Boy. Despite existing largely in the same scene, though, the band never appeared on Warped Tour alongside their peers. Honestly, it might be for the better. There’s only so much swooning we can do in extreme heat before passing out for real.

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Tokio Hotel

Did anyone go through their scene phase without adding Tokio Hotel to their iPods? If you did, you’re missing out. Sort of like the band missed out on the Warped Tour experience… Although, we can’t imagine that Bill Kaulitz‘s signature teased hair would hold up well in the humidity.

The Medic Droid

The Medic Droid were in prime standing to be Warped Tour staples. Granted, the same could be said for any synth-pop act who had a semblance of a following in the mid-2000s. It’s honestly disappointing that we didn’t see them on the tour, though. They would have accompanied acts such as Cobra Starship and Metro Station so well.

Stereo Skyline

Stereo Skyline were only active in the scene for a short while, but damn if they didn’t capture our hearts. Given that they were a beacon of the neon pop-punk movement popularized by Warped Tour, we’re honestly shocked that they never made it on. That’s all the more reason for a comeback… From both the band and the tour.

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We’ll admit, Evanescence probably aren’t the first outfit who come to mind when you think of the Warped Tour vibe. But given their popularity among the alternative crowd, it seems a little strange that they never even made an acoustic appearance. That said, they did headline the Nintendo Fusion tour on its first run in 2003.

System Of A Down

Yeah, we were shook by this one too. System Of A Down were way too big in the scene to have never had a Warped Tour debut. But alas, the world is full of surprises. We doubt they’re too torn up about the missed milestone, given the long list of other festivals that they’ve played worldwide.


We wish we could justify this notable Warped Tour absence as the result of being a foreign band. However, the festival had a pretty global reach and even did some European runs. So it really just seems like our luck fell short when it came to HIM. We’re trying hard not to be upset about it.

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The Veronicas

Wait, what? The band who’ve shared stages with the likes of Boys Like Girls and the Academy Is… never stepped foot on Warped Tour? We’re not able to believe this one. The Veronicas were far too much of a neon staple to have never had that honor.

Which bands were you surprised to learn never played Warped Tour? Let us know in the comments!