This Must-Have Travel Accessory Is Only $16 for Prime Day

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On Amazon Prime Day a lot of the focus is on deals on well-known gadgets, including Amazon and Apple devices, as well as TVs, security cameras and networking products. But sometimes the small items — like a $16 universal travel adapter that I bought — are great deals that shouldn’t get overlooked. Sure, there’s only a $4 Prime Day discount on the Ougrand worldwide travel power adapter, but a discount is a discount and I needed one of these adapters for an international trip my kid is taking soon so he can charge his mobile devices abroad. 

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While the adapter plugs cover a wide variety of countries, including those in Europe and Africa, which was important for me, the key extra feature I was looking for was a USB-C connection to go along with the USB-A ports so he could use his USB-C-to-Lightning cable along with a USB-C-to-USB-C cable. The Ougrand was the cheapest one I could find with USB-C that had a decent number of positive reviews on it. To be clear, this is a generic Chinese travel adapter, but for the price it seems to have decent build quality. Although I haven’t tried it abroad yet, the USB ports are working just fine for charging here in the US.

I found a second universal travel adapter from Tessan that has even more USB-C ports and I thought might be better. However, the shipping times were longer for that adapter and there were no user reviews on it, so I stuck with the Ougrand. But it seems worth considering if you’re not traveling right away. I may even get the Tessan too before Prime Day ends later today.  

travel adapter with many items plugged in

The Tessan universal travel adapter ($18) is also on sale for Prime Day. It has three USB-C ports.



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