June 14, 2024

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Camping in Lesvos (Greece)

Economic crisis has recently led many people reinvent ways of doing a low-budget vacation in Greece. Practically, there is an increasing tendency toward free or organized camping in Aegean islands. Two main questions arise here. The first one is the increasing demand for free camping legalization. The second one concerns the quality of services provided in organized campsites. Both are crucial for a potential camper in order to choose his/her vacation way and destination.

The first one (the demand for free camping legalization) implies the main problem related to this category. While Greek legal framework prohibits free camping (even if there are some legal windows), usually local authorities (prefecture, municipality, local police department etc.) informally override the law in order not to prevent tourism. Different local authorities follow different informal practices. In the most of the cases, local authorities’ practices depend on natives’ tolerance as well. Anyway, a potential free-camper needs good information about the specific place, and, after all, none could guarantee him/her that he/she will not come up against the law. Usually, Greek policemen try to override the law, they are not rigid, especially in the case of foreign tourists.

There are more reasons pushing potential campers to choose the safest choice of organized camping. The main one is the quality of the provided services. Organized camping is better for people who (for any reason) prefer more organized facilities. For example, families with kids, gangs without car that cannot carry the equipment free camping involves, campers without good information about the specific place, people who just don’t want to spend time organizing their vacation etc. The most important facilities usually affect campers’ choice are shadow, distance from the beach, access in fresh water and food, privacy and silence, available rubbish remove system, access in basic medical equipment, low prices etc. In a few words, a safe, friendly and clean environment.

In the most of the cases, Aegean campsites satisfy these requirements. The most of the campsites are organized in cyberspace, in order to make access easier, and are easily reached by local transportation. They offer high quality facilities in very low prices. Peaceful environment, great sun, and crystal clear sea promise a relaxing experience.

In any case, the choice of organized camping, albeit less adventurous than free camping, it’s absolutely safe and exciting as well. In both choices, there are three basic rules: careful rubbish remove, respect to others, and no fires. All the others are just exciting.