July 13, 2024

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Air Travel Tips – Top 3 Things Not to Bring on an Airplane

Air Travel Tips – Top 3 Things Not to Bring on an Airplane

With heightened security around the world, airport security checks have been more strict and stringent. Going through customs in the airport can be an ordeal, where customs officers will check everything on you to ensure there are no dangerous items being brought on board the plane. Therefore in order to make your trip through the customs as smoothly as possible, here are some important air travel tips on what NOT to bring with you on an airplane.

1.) Do not bring any lighters or other flammable liquids

This may sound obvious, but sometimes people do accidentally bring with them in their carryon luggage or even in their pockets flammable items such as cigarette lighters. There may not be much serious consequences with being caught with a lighter (the most they will tell you to do is discard them), but it is just one last thing you want for a customs officer to waste your time and check you inside out. By doing due diligence to ensure you do not have any lighters on you will help to make your customs clearance smoother.

2.) Do not bring any sharp metal items

With the heightened security around all the airports, customs officers are not more stringent than ever on checking for sharp metal objects. Even a nail clipper and a metal file can be considered prohibited items to bring! Therefore before you check in your luggage, make sure you take out any sharp metal objects from your pockets and carry-on luggage and put them into your check in luggage instead.

3.) Do not bring large bottles of liquids and gels

This is a new rule that was introduced after an incident where a terrorist was found trying to ignite a bomb made with liquids while on the plane. Therefore the new rule states that you can carry on with you on the plane with liquids and gels such as toiletries in a container with a maximum capacity of 3 ounces. All of your containers containing these liquids or gels must then be able to fit into only a 1 quart sized clear zip lock bag. If your zip lock bag cannot be zipped up afterwards, then it will not meet the requirements. Only 1 bag per passenger is allowed.

By following these three easy air travel tips on what not to bring on a plane, you will be able to have a smoother experience through the airport security checks.